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Tungsten Alloy Water Drop Shape

Tungsten alloy water drop shape fishing weights have really turned into an effective and widespread way of rigging a worm and catching fish. It's weights feature a high quality clip designed to hold the line without tying a knot and slipping off the rig when they get hung up without breaking off the hook. Then, all you have to do is clip on another weight and you are back to fishing without re-tying the whole rig.

Because tungsten alloy is denser than lead, water drop shape weights offer a smaller more compact design in comparison to its lead counter part at the same physical weight. About 25% smaller than conventional lead weights at the same physical weight.

The fishing weight is made by rare metal, which is an ideal substitute of leading fishing weight. It's strong adhesive, semi-solid state, soft for a long term. Tungsten alloy concentrate maximum weight in the smallest possible space. They are more often to be used as counterweight in sporting field, such as fishing sinkers, golf weights, etc.

Water drop shape tungsten alloy Water drop shape tungsten alloy Water drop shape tungsten alloy

Tungsten alloy water drop shape weights create twice the sound of lead as it contacts structure, and water drop shape weights quickly with the properties of high mass and low volume. Besides, water drop shape weights are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe.

Chinatungsten can offer tungsten alloy fishing weights, tungsten beads, tungsten jig at various shape, such as water drop shape, shape of bullet, tube, semi-drop and cylinder. Besides, Chinatungsten can manufacture fishing weights according to clients' drawings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about tungsten alloy water drop shape fishing weights. Our e-mail address is [email protected] [email protected]. and you can call us : 0086 592 5129595/5129696/5127878.

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