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Tungsten Copper Heat Base

Tungsten copper alloy is the composite of tungsten and copper that owns excellent properties of both tungsten and copper, such as heat-resistant, ablate-resistant,high-intensity, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Tungsten copper heat base is easy to be machined. Tungsten copper heat base is widely used in various industries as engine, electrical power, electron, metallurgy, spaceflight and aviation.

Using CIP formation, sintered tungsten copper skeleton and infiltrating copper (silver) technology, large size and special shape products of tungsten copper (silver) composites with 6-90 percent of copper are produced, such as electric contacts, electrodes, tungsten copper heat base refractory parts, heat sinks and parts of rockets, We can also produce tungsten copper heat base material, copper tungsten alloy tubing,copper tungsten alloy plate and other small copper tungsten products by mould pressing, tungsten copper heat base extrusion pressing and MIM.

Main Specifications of Tungsten Copper Heat Base Composite

Type Density g/cm3 Conductivity %IACS Hardness HB Size mm
WCu50 11.9~12.3 ≥55 1130~1180 Tube: ?3~390 Length<500 Sheet: Width<390 Length<500 Special type: Width<390 Length<500
WCu40 12.8~13.0 ≥47 ≥1375
WCu30 13.8~14.4 ≥42 ≥1720
WCu20 15.2~15.6 ≥34 ≥2160
WCu10 16.8~17.2 ≥27 ≥2550
WCu7 17.3~17.8 ≥26 ≥2900

Tungsten Copper for Electrical Application

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