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Tungsten Alloy Golden Eggs

The gold-plated divided into two categories, one was homogeneous materials gilded, and the other is a heterogeneous material gold-plated. Other gilt plating characteristic points are mainly two categories: on the gold-plated metal parts and non-metallic gold-plated. The gold-plated quality of the pros and cons depending on the thickness of the gold layer how many shiny bright dark subjects. The gold-plated quality of the pros and cons of course also are closely related with gold-plated products , here we have to be recommended is a tungsten alloy gold plated product, especially our tungsten alloy golden eggs,it is more valuable than any other gold-plated products.

Tungsten alloy is an environmentally friendly, durable and a hardness material, the most important is its density, close to the density of gold (19.3g/cm3). These advantages of the tungsten alloy makes tungsten alloy gold-plated products enjoy certain advantages, is the best alternative of the expensive metal gold or platinum. The main products include: tungsten alloy golden bars, tungsten alloy golden rods, tungsten alloy golden coins, tungsten alloy golden eggs and so on.

Some Pictures about the Tungsten Alloy Golden Eggs:

tungsten alloy golden eggs golden plated tungsten alloy golden egg
tungsten alloy golden eggs-01 tungsten alloy golden eggs-02 tungsten alloy golden eggs-03

The appearance of the tungsten alloy golden egg is plated with gold. Tungsten alloy golden egg has a high density and corrosion resistance characteristics. Therefore, the tungsten alloy golden egg is worthy of collection, it is a very good choice as a gift to VIP customers, friends and so on. It is similar to gold, but the price much cheaper than gold, so loved by many people.

If you are a gold dealer, and participate in trade fairs, or put your gold in the products on display, you do not want your gold products were stolen. However, the shiny gold products are always attractive for thieves. In order to reduce any possible huge losses, you'd better put a fake, and it must similar to the gold products, tungsten alloy golden egg will be your best choice.

Notice: Chinatungsten Online (Xiamen) Manu.&Sales Corp. is a very professional and serious company, specializing in manufacturing and selling tungsten alloy golden eggs and other tungsten related products for more than two decades. We are a professional tungsten alloy golden egg manufacturer.Our product and other product are only for souvenir and decoration purpose. Here we declare: Please do not use our product and other products for any illegal purpose. We can provide all kinds of tungsten golden eggs as your requirements.

If you are interested in tungsten alloy golden eggs, please feel free to contact us by email: [email protected] or by phone: 86 592 5129696.

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