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Tungsten Components for Quartz Glass

Components for Quartz Glass Production Quartz glass or quartz glass material is produced in special high-temperature furnaces at very high temperatures (approx. 2000°C). The heart of quartz glass is a furnace consists of a melting crucible, which is continually filled with quartz sand in quartz glass and heated to melting temperature.

The quartz glass melting crucibles therefore consist of riveted or pressed / sintered (seamless) tubes made of molybdenum, tungsten or a combination of the two.

Tungsten components for quartz glass tubes or rods are removed through an orifice. The heating system consists essentially of tungsten mesh or rod heating elements. To achieve or regulate the desired dimensions, a plug and plug pole made of refractory metals are necessary in addition to the orifice plate.

Areas of application for quartz glass are lighting technology, the semiconductor industry as well as fibre-optic technology. Quartz glass is used for temperature measurement and in the foundry industry.

Tungsten for Quartz Glass Production

Chinatungsten Online produces fittings as hoppers, tungsten for quartz glass components, and fasteners in molybdenum, tungsten and WL that are necessary for tungsten parts for quartz glass production. When using our quartz glass materials not only the lifetime of the fittings can be increased but also the lifetime of the whole equipment can be increased. Quartz glass can be widely used in many areas, we can provide different size of quartz glass according to your requirements.Quartz glass offered by us is always highest quality.

Some Photos of Tungsten Components for Quartz Glass

Quartz Glass Quartz Glass Quartz Glass
tungsten heavy alloy quartz glass-01
tungsten alloy quartz glass-02
tungsten heavy alloy quartz glass-03

If you are interesten in tungsten alloy quartz glass, please feel free to contact us. Any questions or enquiries about tungsten alloy products will be welcomed by email to [email protected] or telephone 0086 592 5129696.

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