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Tungsten Putty Weight

What is Pinewood Derby Tungsten Putty

Pinewood derby tungsten putty is a non-hardening, moldable material made from tungsten powder and a polymer binder. Under normal conditions, it will not harden. The minimum density is 10 g/cm3.

Tungsten Putty is an easy way to fine tune and dial in the weight of your pinewood derby car. Made to be and stay malleable, you can quickly and precisely place that last bit of weight to any derby car. Our pinewood derby tungsten putty comes on a small and convenient snap lid container.Tungsten putty can be used at home when building your Pinewood Racer or brought to the track to bring your car up to weight on race day. 
Simply add the tungsten putty to any small crevice or hole. It can be pulled, cut, pinched and formed into whatever shape you need. 
Tungsten putty is a blend of tungsten powder and a polymer binder.

How to Use Pinewood Derby Tungsten Putty

Tungsten putty can be easily used for fine-tuning the weight of pinewood derby cars. Simply pinch off a piece of putty, knead it until it is pliable, and press tungsten putty into a cavity or hole in the car.

pinewood derby tungsten putty Pinewood Derby Tungsten Alloy Putty

Pinewood derby tungsten putty has these advantages:

1. It is easily molds to any shape, so you can use it anywhere on your car no matter what design you have.
2. It is very sticky.
3.It is 1.8 times heavier than lead so it adds lots of weight in a small area
4. It is child-safe; there are no toxic materials in it.
5.It saves you time because you can easily add just the right amount without breaking off weights or finding just the right size weight that you need.
6. It is waterproof, great for fishing weights too.

Pinewood Derby Tungsten Putty - Add weight anywhere on your car!

Pinewood derby tungsten putty that is soft and malleable so it can be changed into virtually any shape or broken off into pieces.
Pinewood derby tungsten putty is child-safe. There are no toxic materials in it. Packaged in 1 oz pieces.


Although tungsten putty is made from non-toxic ingredients, it is not a toy for children to play with. Always wash your hands after use, and keep it away from food and your mouth.

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